Articles — 2021

  1. Antecedents of Self-Disclosure on Social Networking Sites (SNSs): A Study of Facebook Users
  2. Assessment of adherence to the core elements of hospital antibiotic stewardship programs: A survey of the tertiary care hospitals in Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Corporate social responsibility and work engagement: Mediating roles of compassion and psychological ownership
  4. Demographic and socio-economic differences in financial information literacy among university students
  5. Do they perform what they perceive? Examining the IL skills of Pakistani scientists
  6. Effect of knowledge sharing on nurse’s job satisfaction: The mediating effect of innovation behavior
  7. Effects of students’ demographic and academic characteristics on library use: A perspective from Pakistan
  8. From information seeking to information avoidance: Understanding the health information behavior during a global health crisis
  9. How are we educating future physicians and pharmacists in Pakistan? A survey of the medical and pharmacy students’ perception on learning and preparedness to assume future roles in antibiotic use and resistance
  10. Impact of conspiracy beliefs on Covid-19 fear, and health protective behavior: A case of university students
  11. Impact of knowledge sharing at workplace on individual work performance of nurses in Pakistan
  12. Information needs of myocardial infarction patients: An integrative review
  13. Perception of public information officers about the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act: Usefulness, satisfaction and constraints
  14. Predictors of information literacy self-efficacy among medical students: PLS-SEM analysis
  15. Professional networking with emailing groups: A case of Pakistan Library Automation Group
  16. Promoting in-role and extra-role green behavior through ethical leadership: mediating role of green HRM and moderating role of individual green values
  17. Readiness for online learning during COVID-19 pandemic: A survey of Pakistani LIS students
  18. Research practices of LIS professionals in Pakistan: A study of attitudes, involvement and competencies
  19. Social media use and information sharing behavior of university students
  20. Sustainable development challenges in libraries: A systematic literature review 2000 to 2020
  21. Understanding the challenges of e-learning during the global pandemic emergency: The students’ perspective
  22. Use of social media as political information source: The case of Panama Leaks in Pakistan