How to Select a Topic for Journal Article

Explains how to find and choose a suitable research topic for a journal article. Highlights sources to identify a topic and characteristics of a good topic.

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  • Useful learning from the video “How to Select a Topic for Journal Article:”

    1. Sources to identify a topic include advisors, students, colleagues, seminars, research talks & teaching courses.

    2. Literature review is key for beginners to select a topic, particularly its “research gaps” and “recommendations for further research” areas.

    3. Search online databases and Google Scholar to identify hot and emerging areas in research.

    4. Number of citations helps to inform about popularity of an article and its topic.

    5. A good topic is of interest of the writer.

    6. A good topic contributes something in existing knowledge. It strengthens, modifies, or refutes existing theory.

    7. A good topic fills the gap in previous research.

    8. A good topic is balanced and manageable i.e. neither too broad and nor too narrow.

    9. A good topic helps to produce more articles.

    10. A good topic is workable in available resources, time and abilities.

    11. A good topic is publishable in a journal.